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We challenge our youth to reach their full potential and live a purpose driven life, by developing their confidence, competence, leadership skills, strength, integrity, wisdom, courage, proper etiquette, and self-respect. Each member is required to complete at least 6 community service projects per year.

YG Movement is committed to providing encouragement and support for youth and teens through life changing prevention, intervention and assistance. In accordance with our Mission and Vision, we believe that every child deserves love, respect and a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

  • We strive to create the opportunities that will encourage children to achieve their full potential.

  • We strive to connect each child to a sense of family.

  • We strive to connect each child to a sense of community.

  • We strive to support families when the stresses of life become problems.

  • We believe that our volunteers and employees are our strength.

  • We strive to improve ourselves and our programs while developing hope and promoting creativity.

  • We promote the value of diversity and cultural competency within our staff, clients and community.

  • We are an innovative and flexible organization that is responsive to the needs of clients, families and staff.

  • We strive to partner with other agencies, organizations and donors to effectively use resources to plan and provide services that meet the needs of the children and families within our community.

  • We believe that strategic planning is key to ensuring our financial strength and continuing the success of our organization.

We believe all youth can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

YG Movement consists of young community leaders, activists, and philanthropist, from all walks of life. Our leaders, mentors, and volunteers have a passion to ensure our youth become trailblazers, with a successful, fulfilling, and meaningful future.


Our mission is to recruit and build the trust of vulnerable youth, in an effort to prevent PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), cognitive consequences, peer pressure, and a sense of inadequacy.


Our Vision

Our vision is to increase graduation rates, decrease criminal activity, end substance abuse, create employable and sustainable young adults, and provide a safe environment for our youth.


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We have a talented group of team members dedicated to making Young Generation Movement a Success.  Click here to learn more about each team member.