Anti-Violence Movement

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  • 14 year-olds committed nearly 1,700 crimes against property, more than 1,400 against persons, had more than 400 weapons violations and nearly 450 instances of drugs.

  • 15 year-olds committed nearly 2,300 crimes against property, more than 1,500 against persons, had more than 300 weapons charges, 917 for drugs and more than 150 terror threats.

  • 16 year-olds committed nearly 2,700 crimes against property, nearly 1,700 against persons, had nearly 1,600 drug charges and more than 300 weapons

Helping teens and families cope.

Troubled teens are often overlooked and written off by society at large. Often times these teenagers are marginalized by their peers, teachers...

Anger can be a challenging emotion to confront introspectively, for teens and adults, alike. This is because it’s often masking much deeper issues such as: inadequacy, frustr...

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