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Derek Spencer was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. He grew up in various housing projects such as Carver Homes and Thomas Ville Heights. Derek was raised in a single-parent household where he was the youngest of three kids. Most of the time while his mother was at work he was left in the care of his older sister. Knowing the dangers of playing outside in their drug-infested neighborhood, his mother insisted that they stay in front of the door. Derek gained a passion for art at a very young age and began drawing every chance he got.


Upon going to the eighth grade his mom was granted a section 8 voucher and moved into their first house on the west side of Atlanta. Being the only child left in the house Derek was forced into manhood. Struggling to make ends meet his mother encouraged him to become an entrepreneur. Derek started his first business with $10 buying and selling candy to his classmates and teachers. His candy sales were so profitable he was able to buy his own school clothes and help his mother pay bills.


Growing up in the urban community Derek became immune to the violence and drug activities he saw on a daily basis. Around the age of 16, he began to partake in illegal drug activities with some of his friends from the neighborhood to make some fast money. Upon fulfilling one of his personal goals of graduating from Frederick Douglass High School in 2001, he noticed his business had become very successful. Derek had everything a kid from the hood wanted, nice cars, the newest clothes, and a pocket full of money. His life begins to drastically change when he witnessed his friend get shot during an altercation. In a year's time, 4 of his personal friends were killed by gun violence and many others were sentenced to long prison terms. After being shot at during a robbery attempt Derek decided to steer his life in a positive direction.


In 2005 Derek attends DeKalb Technical College to get his commercial driving certificate. Upon completion, he gets his CDL and begins to work for trucking companies such as Werner, Kllm, and Millis Transfer. He travels across the country delivering freight until 2008 when he decided it was time for a career change. Derek starts his company Blows Vision Photography LLC, in which he regains his passion for art through photography, film, and graphic design. He teaches himself about the photography business, cameras, lenses, and techniques. He partners up with one of his former classmates from high school to open a photography and recording studio. Derek writes his first short film called “Off the Block” a story about the pros and cons of the urban lifestyle.


Through his work with Young Generation Movement, he wants to educate the youth on positive growth, entrepreneur, and leadership skills. Derek is committed to giving back to his community and the less fortunate. He believes that if you set a good example amongst your peers, your actions will speak volumes to the masses.

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