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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural Enrichment Fund

The Young Generation Movement is a strong advocate for the cultural enrichment of today’s youth in Atlanta. The importance of cultural enrichment should be stressed now more than ever as our nation is becoming more and more culturally diverse each and every year.

Enhancing the cultural awareness of our youths will them to appreciate and understand the uniqueness, similarities and diversity of individuals all over the world. This global and cosmopolitan awareness promotes meaningful integration and serenity between people with different backgrounds, eliminating prejudices and hate.

A huge part of our cultural enrichment program is a Civil Rights Tour of the South for our young ones to learn about their history in this country, and in the city of Atlanta. We strive to put together trip to places such as Birmingham, Selma, New Orleans, Savannah, and even New York, where the youths, their families, and staff leaders will go to investigate historic sites and museums, visit several Historically Black Colleges and Universities, interact with some key historical people from the original movement, and receive special behind-the-scene tours at some of the most renowned places from the civil rights movement.

YG Movement Mission Trip to Africa

As another part of our cultural enrichment program, YGM would like to seek sponsorship for and organize a mission trip to Africa for our African American youths. The trip would provide a truly unique opportunity for them to go and see for themselves where most of their family roots originated, and to gain a sense of empowerment to see how far we as a people have come–not only in America, but in the Motherland as well. A mission trip would be a guaranteed life-changing experience for these kids. We would travel to countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and Cameroon, where our youths would learn the true significance of these three words: Freedom, Independence & Struggle. On this trip our youth will see and experience the best of African hospitality, the vibrancy of their native dance, the animated story-telling of indigenous people, and the warmth of a traditional meal. But it will not all be fun and dance, because the beauty of Africa is still intermingled with drought and desert, with people riddled with intense poverty, civil injustice everywhere you turn, hungry babies, and displaced families and dreams. But what we will bring them, is the strong message that there is hope for those who long for unity, restored families, and a better quality of life.While considering today’s conditions of inequality, our youth members will gain an insight on the historical events and policies which made our world what it is today, gain an appreciation for civic duty, as well as develop a personal education and commitment to preserve the most important principles of our heritage. Help us make present this wonderful opportunity to young people in Atlanta by donating to our cultural enrichment fund.

YGM Leadership program is seeking sponsorship for our mission trip to Africa. This year-long program provides youth with the tools to become active participants in the unity and development of in their local communities and the global African community. The program culminates in a 1-week travel study to Africa during the summer in which students apply their learning to community service projects while exchanging ideas with African youth. The trip would provide a truly unique opportunity for them to gain a sense of empowerment and exposure. A mission trip would be a guaranteed life-changing experience for these young people. Click here to Donate!

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