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Pants Up Guns Down

YG Movement Member Murdered

JeQuan was a member of YG Movement’s “Pants Up Guns Down” campaign. On SATURDAY May 19th, JeQuan participated in our Community Clean-up for the Young Generation Community Resource Center we are trying to build. On SUNDAY at 10pm May 20th he was shot in the chest in front of the VERY SAME land in which he JUST volunteered.

Unfortunately, JeQuan’s family does not have insurance for burial. Please click here to donate at GoFundMe.

Please take a stand with us against gun violence and rally to build a much needed safe place that will “Empower the Youth to Become Positive Role Models & Leaders”!

Click here to Donate to our Community Resource Center today Click Here to Download more info about helping us build our Community Resource Center.

“The Pants Up Guns Down, Stopping Community Violence campaign started in 2012 by the founder Julious George. He is a big advocate for curbing gun violence having being shot multiple times and seeing all his childhood friends dead or in jail over gun violence.

We kicked off the campaign by creating youth shirts with our motto Pants Up Guns Down and promoting and them for sale. Half of the sale proceeds go to the members of the organization giving them a positive way to make some money and raise awareness against gun violence.

Mr George believes “growing up in poverty doesn’t mean you are trash, You have to present yourself like someone who cares about the community and respect others.”

Click here to purchase your YG Movement merchandise today and help support our programs!

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