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Community Resource Center: Project T.R.A.P. (Teens Rising Above Poverty)

We are currently raising funds for Project T.R.A.P. which will enable YG Movement to offer a visible presence and involvement in low income neighborhoods, thru supplying community housing throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. Project T.R.A.P., is a community resource center for the at-risk youth that will offer a myriad of service including: psychological, mentoring, tutoring, health education, etiquette classes, entrepreneurial academy, media training and a community garden.

Project Purpose

The purpose of Project T.R.A.P. is to empower teens aged 13-19 in strategic areas of Metro-Atlanta. We will be addressing an urgent need in the neighborhood to end violence and a lack of education through high visibility and community engagement.  We want to increase graduation rates, decrease the youth unemployment rate, decrease criminal activities, and foster safer communities.  Fourteen (14) males die everyday due to community violence. Studies have shown that community violence disrupts typical developmental trajectories through psychobiological effects, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive consequences, and peer problems. The longer we wait to act more lives will be lost or destroyed.

Project Summary

Through Project T.R.A.P., Young Generation Movement looks to address the high crime rates and low educational attainment in Metro-Atlanta. The overall crime rate (violent and property crime) is approximately 43% higher than the national average. Educational attainment is so low in low-income neighborhoods that the majority of residents stop the formal educational process before reaching high school. Project T.R.A.P. looks to target the next generation of residents (teens between the ages of 13-19) in order to affect lasting change and improvement.

The focus of Project T.R.A.P. will reside in our community house. By supplanting the omnipresence of our organization within the neighborhood we increase our visibility and community engagement. This will not only allow us to recruit youth that is most vulnerable to participate in crime or drop out of school, but will make our efforts known to the community as a whole so that we can be trusted with their youth.

At our community houses there will be a myriad of services including: mentoring, tutoring, entrepreneurial/ etiquette classes, community gardening, and STD/Health education and sex trafficking victim assistance. Through these programs we will go beyond just providing a safe haven for the young generation, but we will also look to empower the youth to be community leaders to help change the community from the inside out.

Project Items Needed

Construction Materials including Flooring, Lighting, Paint, Fencing, HVAC

Commercial Kitchen Appliances (including serving line) & Supplies


Office & Bedroom Furniture including Bunk Beds


Boutique Room Design with Custom Tables



Bed & Bath Linens

Barber Chairs (2)

Garden Indoor/Outdoor Grow Towers

Outdoor Peace Garden with Garden Furniture

Gardening Equipment & Supplies

Basketball Court

Workout Equipment

Music Studio Equipment



Showers, Sinks, Toilets & Bathroom Fixtures

Cafeteria Tables & Chairs

Rain Barrels

Solar Panels

Security System with Video Monitoring


Parking Lot Pavement

We are looking forward for the opportunity to speak with you regarding our request for sponsorship and/or partnership, for the betterment of our community and elevation of our youth. Please call us at 404-435-7565 to discuss how you can help! Financial donations can also be made via Paypal.

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