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Nia Umoja is an influential community leader and a holistic engineer, wielding over a decade of experience as a project manager and systems engineer, alongside more than 12 years as an athlete and wellness practitioner. As the founder of Be Well Luv Co., heralded as the first "Self-care insurance company", she has pioneered a new approach to wellness with her Proof of Wellness Protocol, effectively marrying emerging technologies like WEB3 and AI with wellness practices. Moreover, her role as a co-founder of Future Proof Org DAO harnesses her engineering and project management acumen to create sustainable holistic ecosystems.Nia's dedication extends beyond her professional pursuits.

As a passionate community solutionist, she has served as an Emotional and Social Intelligence instructor to over 200 youths in the greater Atlanta area, fostering a sense of inner peace and self-worth in the next generation. She's also deeply involved in educating the youth through soil regeneration and composting programs, nurturing unity through a mutual bond with the environment.


Respected for her insightful perspectives, Nia regularly shares her knowledge as a panel speaker, illuminating the limitless potential of integrating state-of-the-art technology with holistic wellness practices. Steered by her mission, “to be love on purpose,” Nia Umoja's multifaceted experience and unwavering dedication mark her as a powerful force for positive change and innovation in the spheres of technology, wellness, and community engagement.

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