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Shelby Jackson
Secretary/ Director of Communications

Shelby Thurman Jackson: A Visionary Nonprofit Leader Driving Positive Change Shelby Thurman Jackson is a highly accomplished and forward-thinking strategist with over two decades of experience in nonprofit management and development. Her unwavering dedication to fostering organizational growth and effectiveness has left an indelible mark on the nonprofit sector. With a keen eye for financial planning and resource allocation, Shelby excels in efficiently managing nonprofit organizations, ensuring seamless operations, and maximizing impact. Her expertise in business development has allowed her to identify and establish services that reach underserved communities, resulting in the successful launch of multiple nonprofit initiatives.


At the heart of Shelby's success lies her exceptional talent for donor relations and fundraising. Through her strategic approach, she has improved donor engagement and secured vital support for various nonprofit projects. Her ability to cultivate collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, local businesses, and community leaders has amplified the impact of nonprofit ventures, leaving a lasting impression on all stakeholders.


With a passion for member relations and client services, Shelby consistently delivers exceptional value to all she serves. Her integrated communication plans have effectively engaged association members, employees, community stakeholders, and corporations alike, earning her numerous accolades for "Outstanding Public Relations." Throughout her career, Shelby has been recognized for her proactive communication strategies, especially during crisis management situations. Her ability to navigate challenges with poise and empathy has earned her respect and admiration from peers and communities alike.


As an Operations/Communications Consultant for Young Generation Movement (YGM), Shelby plays a pivotal role in creating and implementing the organization's long-term development and operations plan. Her vision and leadership were instrumental in the successful construction of a community center and the execution of outreach During her tenure as the Executive Director of Morehouse College National Alumni Association, Shelby's remarkable leadership transformed the organization, significantly increasing alumni memberships and expanding its global presence.

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