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Nicholas Cotten is a seasoned Communications and Public Affairs expert with an impressive track record of over 18 years in Public Relations, Communications, Brand Management, and Event Logistics. With a passion for effective communication and a commitment to achieving results, Nicholas has honed his skills in public speaking, project management, media relations, and media production.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations & Mass Communications from Alabama State University, as well as certificates of continuing education in Corporate & Agency Writing and Grant Writing from Emory University.

As Chief of Staff - Chief Public and Media Relations at Fulton County Clerk of the Superior/Magistrate Courts in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicholas leads a dynamic team and serves as an official representative for the organization. He collaborates with various stakeholders, including community leaders and media outlets, to enhance the organization's reputation and outreach. Nicholas also plays a vital role in media coaching for the executive team and oversees key youth crime prevention initiatives and the annual Jr. Deputy Clerk Program.

Throughout his career, Nicholas has demonstrated expertise in marketing, branding, and event planning, fostering valuable partnerships with major corporations and community organizations to promote various programs and initiatives. Notable affiliations include memberships in the Public Relations Society of America, National Association of Journalists (NAJ), and National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Prior to his current role, Nicholas served as the Senior Public and Media Relations Manager at Fulton County Clerk of the Superior Court, where he excelled in managing media relations, producing newsletters, and coordinating important events such as Mass Bar Swearing-in Ceremonies.

Before joining the Fulton County Clerk's office, Nicholas contributed his skills to Hospital Housing Systems as the Assistant Manager of Customer Service/PR & Branding. In this role, he oversaw the daily operations and customer relations at medical service locations, ensuring high-quality hospitality and guest satisfaction.Nicholas Cotten is a versatile and multi-talented professional, leveraging his expertise in communications and public affairs to build meaningful connections and leave a positive impact on organizations, communities, and individuals alike.

Nicholas Cotten has always displayed a servant heart, driven by a deep passion to serve and effect change in his community. Beyond his professional endeavors, he dedicates his time, talents, and resources to various initiatives focused on empowering and supporting those less fortunate. Through his philanthropic efforts, Nicholas actively contributes to causes that uplift and improve the lives of individuals in need.

His commitment to community service extends beyond the confines of his work, and he actively seeks out opportunities to make a positive difference. Whether volunteering with local non-profit organizations, participating in charity events, or organizing community outreach programs, Nicholas consistently demonstrates his dedication to giving back. Nicholas's desire to create positive change and support those facing challenges underscores his strong sense of social responsibility. By leveraging his communication and public affairs expertise, he strives to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, advocate for social justice, and promote inclusivity.


Driven by a genuine desire to serve his community, Nicholas Cotten continues to be a driving force in effecting meaningful change and making a lasting impact on the lives of others. His passion for helping those in need reflects not only his professional accomplishments but also the core values that guide his actions both inside and outside of the workplace.

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